Mike Cassata
“We have Frank’s do luncheons for us and everybody always comments on how great the food is. Everything is fresh and he has a good selection for a neighborhood deli. Growing up eating Italian food on a regular basis, you know what homemade means and Frank puts it down. We’ll keep on supporting the local guy! Keep it up Frank!”

Chris Tresco
“Great little Italian deli. Love seeing a place when I order a sub they break out the cheese and meat and slice it fresh. Awesome breakfast sandwich. I don’t know if they make the Apple fritters or where they get them from but it could be the best one I’ve ever had. If you go here get the long peppers if you like a little heat.”

Brian Morehead
“Just Finished a Great Luncheon For The Staff and Some Construction Workers Doing Some Work At The Shop…Frank and Tina Always Go Over and Above For Me Anytime I Need Something! Sandwiches and Salads Were Outstanding!!! Many Thanks For Everything.”

Happy Mama
“This deli is excellent. The staff is professional & super friendly. The food is top notch in our opinion. If Mama isn’t cooking, it’s a night of Frank’s Deli & no other food on our dinner table. Btw, their chicken cutlets are yummy!!!! =)”

“Fantastic meats. My favorite place to go for a nice rare roast beef sandwich. Local joint – if you go in for a breakfast sandwich, all the folks from town are in and out or sitting and congregating with coffee. Good sausage and steaks to take home, as well. I also like the little apple dumplings.”

Will Gilman
“I dig this place, got here on a fluke but wicked happy I did. When evaluating a new deli I order an Italian sub/grinder/torpedo/hoagie whatever you call em you know what I mean with the works. My criteria based on…what I like. Meat selection, bread, what’s included in the works. Totally gets a solid B….I’ve been to a LOT of deli’s. What’s an A? Mortadella, marinated peppers, high quality pepper (often underrated) oil and vinegar balanced with the sandwich whereby no single element overpowers the rest but you catch all the flavors. Wow I sound like a total A hole sometimes…”

Benjamin Healey
“A nice, homey spot to grab lunch. Friendly service, fresh tasty meats.”

“A lot of homemade sausage you have to try their cheese and parsley sausage delicious great breakfast sandwiches and a nice little Italian shop for some specialty items.”

Sem Celotto
“Great food. Fantastic Deli with an Italian flare. Frank is very friendly and really cares for his customers. They also do catering. We used them for some of our parties and everyone love the food.”

Yvonne DeMarco
“I frequent shop at Frank’s Deli for my fresh cut NY strip steaks , which are cut daily. Not only are the steaks unbelievable, the homemade sausage which is made weekly is a must. This is a family owned store which care about their customers. Frank’s has been in business for over 30 years. I highly recommend this specialty Deli.”